What Are The Some Of The Best Online Share Trading Options?

Online Share Trading

Share trading is gaining a very string platform these days and has always been a very popular choice among people who are ready to take some risks with investments. There are different ways in which you can opt for share trading. In the recent times share trading through the internet has also come into being and a number of people are opting for share trading this way for the convenience that it offers. The following article would give you some insight about the best share trading platforms that you can opt for in India. Some of them are even provided free of cost by the broker who is working for you. Your broker can actually give you the best advice regarding your investment.

Zerodha Pi

This is a leading discount broker zerodha who has developed this trading platform that has several helpful features that can help with your investments. You can have a thorough idea of the share market when you are using this particular platform. The variety of integral charting facilities altogether ensures that as an investor you do not have any trouble in understanding the working of the market. Some of the features include its speed as it is considered the faster platform for getting quotes updates. The best five bids and offers would also be displayed to you and its semi-automated trading interface too makes an important contribution in its popularity.

Online Share Trading
Share Trading Online | Image Resource : justforex.com

Angel speed pro

The platform has been developed by the Angel Eye and this is an application based portal and has variety of helpful features. Share trading online has been made much easier with the help of this application. The investors who are using this application can enjoy access to 30 days intraday and 20 years historical data and advance researches for technical analysis. This is one of the best online shares trading option you have.


This is one of the lighter online share markets which you can opt for trading in. the broker behind this application is the RKSV and they have a very strong reputation in the world of online share trading India. The speed, security, bandwidth, option to search across exchanges, directly placing order from charts are some of the features which attract a number of customers across the country. The investors can easily work with the upstox when they want to invest in share trading.

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